Season 5: Episode 14 - Parasite
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

The BAU tracks a con artist whose lost control and instead of just stealing the money of his wealthy victims he now kills them.

J.J. introduces the team to Agent Goldman from the San Diego White Collar Division. Goldman has been following a con artist for five years and two nights ago, he killed one of his marks, Carla Marshall in her Miami home. The week before Carla had contacted Agent Goldman to report a scam and her story matched the con artist Goldman had been tracking.  Goldman informs the team that his con artist’s playground is investment fraud and he’s scammed hundreds of thousands of dollars from his wealthy victim-investors. He uses his looks and charms to target single wealthy women or the wives of wealthy men. But he’s never been violent before.  Con men profile as psychopaths and the team believes that this man killed because he lost control of the situation and if he continues to spiral, everyone around him will be in danger. He will kill again and whatever is making him kill is not financial by psychological.

They discover that the UnSub set up nine identical investment websites but with different names. Juggling all of these different aliases is fracturing the UnSub mentally, causing him to lose control. At the yacht of one of his clients, the UnSub tries to remember which alias he’s using. This time he’s Randy Summerland. But he slips up and tells his client to make out the investment check to Henry Moffet. When the client becomes suspicious, he kills him.   From the information obtained at the latest crime scene, the team believes that the UnSub is on a mission to eliminate all of his aliases by assassinating all of his victim-investors.  The UnSub’s travel patterns reveal that at one point, he stayed in San Diego three and half years and after that never stayed in a city that long again. The team believes that the reason for Unsub’s extended stay in San Diego was that he married and started a family. Knowing that con men put everything in their wife’s name, Garcia tracks women who’ve rented homes and cars within the last 8-12 months in the Fort Lauderdale area and had a history in San Diego. She comes up with one name, Rebecca Hodges, mother to J.D. Hodges and wife to William Hodges, our UnSub.   

Trying to get away, the team finds the UnSub dragging his son out of a home to their car.  A standoff ensues. The UnSub releases his son to the BAU. Wanting to end it there, the UnSub puts his hands in his pocket and removes something.  Thinking it’s a gun, Agent Goldman puts a bullet in the UnSub’s chest, killing him.