Season 5: Episode 21 - The Internet is Forever
Posted on Jul 17, 2012 06:30pm

The team goes to Boise, Idaho to pursue an Unsub preying on victims through social networking sites.  By the time the team arrives, three women have gone missing in a year.  They interview friends and relatives of the last victim and discover that the Unsub, by following their lives online, gains entry to his victim’s homes when they’re out and installs hidden cameras so he can learn their security codes and routines.  The Unsub puts the viral videos of the intrusion and killings live online for anyone to stream.  He’s good with computers and proves challenging for Garcia to trace the video’s origin.  Through the victims’ pictures, Reid discovers a facial pattern throughout them and believes the Unsub’s facial structure is the same.  After they deliver the profile, a key detail they withhold from the press conference is leaked and the Unsub accelerates his process, expressing rage in his next live video stream.  Garcia is unable trace the video, but traces the chat room while the team watches him take his next victim.  In the Unsub’s haste, he leaves fiber optic cable which reveals he’s working for an internet installation company, his way into his victim’s home.  Looking over his client list, they find the woman with the same facial structure, but she’s gone.  With Garcia’s chat room trace, they discover that one of his followers built the Unsub a freezer that he stores his bodies in.  Now with the Unsub’s address, the team stops the next killing.