Season 3: Episode 8 - Lucky
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

When a homicidal Satanist commits an extremely violent murder in Florida, the team flies in to take the case. The religious angle stirs up memories in Morgan, who has been away from the church for years. Soon Hotch learns that the murder is only one of a long line of killings, which undoubtedly means there will be more to come.

Meanwhile, Garcia fixes the computer of a handsome man in a coffee shop. She's surprised when he asks for her number, but gives it to him. When Morgan advises that the guy is weird and she should turn him down, she's hurt by his insensitivity and blows up at him. She calls her new friend back and makes a date.

In Florida, another girl disappears, followed by yet another from the search team who is looking for the first. When a victim who disappeared nine months prior turns up, Hotch has a realization: the killer is freezing and ingesting parts of his victims. After a search of local mental institutions, the case of a young man released at 18 fits the bill. They get a name: Floyd Feylinn, and they arrive at his home before he has a chance to kill his last victim. But he did worse than just kill and eat these women; he also fed one of them to the group of volunteers who were searching for the very woman they consumed.

Back in DC, Morgan returns to an empty church to pray. Across town, Garcia goes on her date. Just when things are looking wonderful, her date's true motivation is revealed when he pulls a gun and shoots her.