Season 3: Episode 11 - Birthright
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

When a series of women go missing in Fredericksburg, Virgina, the team takes the case. Jareau is having a tough time with this one, since most of the victims, burned and mutilated, are women around her age. Soon Garcia turns up evidence of another series of killings that took place in the same town in the 80s, identifying one woman who survived. Karen Fowler escaped her attacker, but she refuses to help the BAU.

After a profile is put together, the sheriff who worked the original series of cases identifies a likely suspect: Robert Wilkinson, who died right around the time the murder streak ended. Mary Wilkinson has nothing to add, and neither does her son, Charlie, who is married with a baby on the way. Meanwhile, Karen Fowler's son is Steven identified as the child of the rape Robert committed on Karen. Steven is a suspect, but the profile doesn't fit. However, Charlie Wilkinson has a history of violence and a DUI, and when he doesn't show up for work, the BAU moves in. They don't find him, but with Mary and Karen's help, they locate two of the missing girls, alive. Mary also confesses to killing Robert after finding out that he'd committed murder.

The team sets off in search of Charlie, but Charlie's wife Chrissy finds him first. She's angry, and refuses to bring her child into a life with a murderer for a father. With one shot, she kills him, just as the team arrives.