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The Talk's Aisha Tyler Joins The Cast Of Criminal Minds

Ms. Tyler will have a recurring role as forensic psychologist Dr. Tara Lewis
Posted on Jun 22, 2015 | 05:15pm

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Introducing Dr. Tara Lewis!

Played by The Talk's Aisha Tyler, Dr. Lewis will have a recurring role on the upcoming season of Criminal Minds. With a Ph.D. in psychology from Dartmouth, Lewis joins the team with an eye on forensic pyschology and its applications regarding the criminal justice system.

Her psychology background, coupled with her experience in the FBI, brought Dr. Lewis face-to-face with monsters. She has gained keen insight into the psyches of serial killers by interviewing them and finding their humanity. 

Dr. Tara Lewis will be joining your favorite team of agents—the Behavioral Analysis Unit—for Season 11. After interviewing several candidates to replace Agent Kate Callahan, Hotchner finds Dr. Lewis to be the perfect addition when she unexpectedly helps out the team during an investigation.  

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