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5 New Facts About Kirsten Vangsness: Hidden Talents, Style Secrets And More

The 'Criminal Minds' star answered your burning fan questions.
Posted on Oct 2, 2015 | 07:45am
Curious about one of your favorite Criminal Minds stars? The beloved actress addressed everything from her hidden talents to her favorite on-set snacks in a live video chat. Discover more about Kirsten!

1. She has a secret talent!
Vangsness shared that she can make a music mix for anything—citing examples like for Arbor Day, a wake, and, of course, dance parties!

2. We found out how her family feels about her character, Penelope Garcia.
Her family loves Criminal Minds, but they don’t always watch it because they have a hard time separating Kirsten from Garcia and the violence her character faces onscreen.

3. She loves Garcia’s fashion!
Vangsness loves the fashion designer for the show and, even off-screen, has been known to take a page from Garcia’s fashion book—and vice versa!

4. She has her eye one another role!
When asked which character she would switch to if given the chance, Vangsness joked that she would play Sergio, Garcia’s cat!

5. Vangsness shared what we already knewthat the cast is just like a family!
When asked about her favorite moments on the show, she shared, “I love all of the things we do as a group… Those are as lovely to do as they are to watch.” Awww!

Watch Kirsten Vangsness' full video chat here:

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