The Team Sinks Their Teeth Into A Cold Case On Criminal Minds A dangerous UnSub is back for another victim in the all-new Criminal Minds episode entitled "Hell's Kitchen."
Posted on Mar 29, 2017 09:45am

In the next all-new episode of Criminal Minds entitled "Hell's Kitchen," which airs on Wednesday, Mar. 29 at 9/8c on CBS and CBS All Access, the BAU is called to New York when a young girl—who resembles the victims of two cold cases from the same area—seems to disappear into thin air.

The UnSub's previous victims were held for seven days and drained of three liters of blood, which begs the question: does the team have a vampire on its hands?

Meanwhile, as a result of Louis' attack in last week's "In the Dark," Dr. Spencer Reid is now the sole target in the prison gang's sights. With lives on the line—his own included—Spencer faces an impossible decision.

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