Everything We Know About Mr. Scratch Explore what we know about the elusive serial killer before the season finale of Criminal Minds.
Posted on May 9, 2017 11:05am

Peter Lewis (A.K.A. Mr. Scratch) has been wreaking havoc on Criminal Minds, but there are a lot of clues he's left in his wake. Let's take a look at what we know about the elusive serial killer.

His family was torn apart. Back in the 1980s, there was a day-care sex-abuse hysteria that led to the "Believe the Children" movement. The psychologist behind the movement, Dr. Susannah Regan, suggested that police officers and teachers should believe everything young children—who are highly suggestible—say.

One child claimed that Peter's father, Neil Lewis, performed satanic rituals and abused the children in the family's group home. As a result, the group home was shut down, and his father was ultimately murdered in jail for "being a pedophile"—even though the investigation was still pending.

He's a genius. Not only was he trained in mathematics, Peter graduated at the top of his class at Harvard University. Upon graduation, he was immediately hired by the NSA.

Using his math skills, Lewis hacked into the NSA and FBI systems to locate the children behind his father's death.

He's seeking deadly revenge. After the FBI debunked Dr. Susannah Regan's report, Lewis started planning to destroy the lives of the children who falsely accused his father—and the doctor behind everything.

Lewis started by picking off the children one by one, using scopolamine to trick his victims into seeing Mr. Scratch and killing their loved ones, just as they had killed his father.

He was caught after his final coup de grâce. The BAU caught Peter Lewis just after he killed the woman behind the hysteria, forcing her to slit her own throat.

Having completed his deadly mission, Lewis was apprehended without a fight. However, in the Season 11 finale, "The Storm," Lewis escaped with 12 other serial killers during a daring and elaborate prison break.

He changed his victimology to the most susceptible of victims. After escaping from prison, Lewis turned his evil eyes to people who suffered from dissociate identity disorder. Using their mental illness to his advantage, Lewis began to taunt the BAU—including turning the susceptible into serial killers.

He turned his attention to the members of the BAU. Since breaking out of jail, Lewis used a DID patient to send a message—by forcing the young man on a killing spree and to carve the letters "BAU" across his belly.

Later in the season, Lewis abducted Dr. Tara Lewis' brother and set an elaborate booby trap in motion. Luckily the team was able to save him in time, but Lewis is now on the lamb, with his most recent sighting in Honduras.

Where is he? While Lewis was exonerated by the BAU when Lindsay Vaughn and Cat Adams were identified as the real perpetrators behind Spencer Reid's frame job. But that still begs the question: Where is this dangerous and elusive man? Will the team find him in the Season 12 finale?

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