5 CBS Sync Facts From "The Boys of Sudworth Place" S10 E8

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Behind The Scenes

1. Behind The Scenes

VBH Construction is named after writer Kim Harrison's mother, whose initials are V.B.H.
I Know That Guy!

2. I Know That Guy!

Al White, who plays the judge, was one of the jive dudes in the 1980s comedy “Airplane!”
Garrett Boyd

3. Garrett Boyd

Garrett Boyd, who plays Brian, is best known for his roles on “Super Clyde,” “Starry Eyes,” and “Ray Donovan.” Boyd is a multiinstrumentalist, with chops playing the piano, ukulele, and guitar.
Inside Criminal Minds

4. Inside Criminal Minds

This episode centers around a prominent Boston lawyer. What member of the BAU once worked as an attorney in Boston? Hotch!
Nicholas Harsin

5. Nicholas Harsin

Nicholas Harsin, who plays Sean Wallace, plays French horn and trumpet.