6 CBS Sync Facts From "Fate" S10 E9

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Amber Stevens

1. Amber Stevens

Amber Stevens, who plays Joy, is an American actress and model best known for playing Ashleigh Howard on “Greek.”
Runs in the Family

2. Runs in the Family

Joy's apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Rossi, also a writer, has penned five books-- titles include "Deviance," "Eyes of a Predator," and "America's Worst Spree Killers."
Alexis Raich

3. Alexis Raich

Alexis Raich, who plays Skye, began her acting career at the age of six.
Teresa Huang

4. Teresa Huang

Teresa Huang, who plays Dr. Weiss, is an MIT graduate turned writer, actor, and producer. Dr. Weiss examined Strauss' body in "The Replicator."
Inside Criminal Minds

5. Inside Criminal Minds

Joy isn't Rossi's first child. Rossi and his first wife Carolyn had a son, James David, who died due to complications in child birth.
Inside Criminal Minds

6. Inside Criminal Minds

Young Rossi fell for the ladies...hard. Before his relationship with Joy's mother, Rossi held a romance with Emma, a childhood friend from Long Island, that ended when he enlisted with the Marines and later joined the BAU. Emma, he said, was the purest thing in his life.