8 CBS Sync Facts from "Anonymous" - Criminal Minds S10 E12

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Meshach Taylor

1. Meshach Taylor

Harrison Scott was portrayed by Emmy-nominated actor Meshach Taylor, who passed away in 2014 after battling cancer. This episode is dedicated to his memory.
Joe Mantegna

2. Joe Mantegna

This episode was directed by Joe Mantegna and written by Bruce Zimmerman from a story by Joe's assistant, Dan Ramm.

3. "The Road Home"

Harrison Scott gave Rossi the pistol featured in the episode in Season Nine's "The Road Home." That episode was also directed by Joe Mantegna.
Inside Criminal Minds

4. Inside Criminal Minds

Rossi dedicated his book, "Evil Never Rests," to Harrison Scott and Anthony Hernandez. Hernandez, a fellow Marine, was integral to Rossi earning his Purple Heart medal.
The Director Becomes The Directed

5. The Director Becomes The Directed

Paul Carafotes, who plays Dale Crawford, wrote and directed the film “Club Soda,” which starred Joe Mantegna.
Tony Bennett

6. Tony Bennett

Rossi introduced his daughter to the musical mastery of Tony Bennett. Bennett (whose real name is Anthony Dominick Benedetto) is a 17-time Grammy award-winner, who sang under the name Joe Bari after he served in World War II. The Bari stage name comes from a city in Italy.

7. "American Buffalo"

David Mamet dedicated the play "American Buffalo" to J.J. Johnston, the man at the DMV.
Los Angeles National Cemetery

8. Los Angeles National Cemetery

Harrison's funeral was filmed at the Los Angeles National Cemetery in Brentwood. Many of the extras were real-life Vietnam veterans. The funeral also features a member of the original Tuskegee Airmen.