5 CBS Sync Facts from "Nelson's Sparrow" - Criminal Minds S10 E13

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Inside Criminal Minds

1. Inside Criminal Minds

Reid drives a 2005 Prius, but in this episode, as in Season Three's "In Name and Blood," Reid travels to Gideon's cabin in a 1965 Volvo 122S Amazon.
Behind The Scripts

2. Behind The Scripts

This episode was co-written by series star Kirsten Vangsness and executive producer Erica Messer.
Ben Savage

3. Ben Savage

Ben Savage, who plays young Gideon, is an American actor best known for his work on “Boy Meets World.” He is also the younger brother of Fred Savage, star of “The Wonder Years.”
Arye Gross

4. Arye Gross

Arye Gross, who plays Donnie Mallick, is best known for his roles on “Ellen” and “Castle.” Gross was also the adult voice of Kevin Arnold (Fred Savage-- Ben's brother) on the pilot episode of “The Wonder Years.”
Behind The Scenes

5. Behind The Scenes

The character of Jason Gideon was based on the real-life profiler John Douglas.