7 CBS Sync Facts from "Hero Worship" - Criminal Minds S10 E14

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Inside Criminal Minds

1. Inside Criminal Minds

Reid fashioned his chessboard after the board set up in Gideon's cabin.
Inside Indianapolis

2. Inside Indianapolis

Indianapolis, where the episode took place, implemented zoning laws that prohibited the construction of buildings taller than the 284-foot Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument until 1962.
Behind The Scenes

3. Behind The Scenes

Monument Circle, a target for the UnSub, was patterned after Washington D.C.
Opening Quote

4. Opening Quote

Eugene Debs, whose quotation opened the episode, ran for President of the United States five times under the Socialist Party.

5. Einstein

Einstein, who shares his name with a quirky forensics agent in the episode, was awarded the Nobel Prize for his work on the photoelectric effect and not, as many assume, his work on relativity.
Merrick McCartha

6. Merrick McCartha

Merrick McCartha, who plays the mayor, is the son of Detroit police officers.
Arthur Ashe

7. Arthur Ashe

Arthur Ashe, a tennis player whose birthday falls on February 6, and whose quotation closed the episode, was the first black player to win the singles titles at Wimbledon, the U.S. Open, and the Australian Open.