Inside Criminal Minds - "Breath Play" S10 E17

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Behind The Scripts

1. Behind The Scripts

This episode was written by Erik Stiller, who started his career with Criminal Minds as a writer’s intern in 2008.
Behind The Scripts

2. Behind The Scripts

Stiller had no prior knowledge of the BDSM culture before writing this episode. He used research uncovered by writer Ticona S. Joy and referenced podcasts by Dan Savage.
Ashley Madison

3. Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison, the Canadian-based infidelity site mentioned in the episode, boasts 21 million global members as of 2013.

4. "Bare Reflections"

The episode's novel, "Bare Reflections," is a shade off erotic fiction novel "Fifty Shades of Grey." "Grey" sold over 100 million copies across the globe. The 2015 film based on the novel is Universal Pictures' highest-grossing, R-rated, international release, netting $338.4 million and counting.
So You're Into That Huh?

5. So You're Into That Huh?

Erotic novelists Marquis de Sade and Leopold von Sacher-Masoch are the namesakes to sadism and masochism, respectively.