Inside Criminal Minds - "Rock Creek Park" S10 E18

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Marc Vann

1. Marc Vann

Marc Vann, who plays Agent Adam Fuchs, is an American actor best known for his role as Conrad Ecklie on CSI.
Chris McKenna

2. Chris McKenna

Chris McKenna, who plays stately Congressman Ben Troy, began his career at the age of seven. McKenna once starred as Detective Mark Harding on CBS' "The Young and the Restless."
Hope Olaide Wilson

3. Hope Olaide Wilson

Hope Olaide Wilson, who plays Fana Kedibe, was raised in London and Lagos. She grew up speaking English, French, and, as with her character in the episode, Yoruba.
Jackie Chan

4. Jackie Chan

The episode's Jackie Chan quotation ("coffee is a language in itself”) comes from a 2006 statement Chan made at the opening of his coffee franchise in Manila.
Gloria Garayua

5. Gloria Garayua

Gloria Garayua, who plays Madison Young, is a classically-trained pianist.
Behind The Scenes

6. Behind The Scenes

Matthew Gray Gubler (Reid) makes art in his spare time. Gubler even created the sketches featured in the episode. These ink on paper marvels were based on "monsters described and imagined," and influenced by room layout and decor.
Vassar College

7. Vassar College

The episode's UnSub, Dinah Troy, and Jeff Davis, who created Criminal Minds, are both graduates of Vassar College.