9 Things You Didn't Know About Criminal Minds, 'A Beautiful Disaster'

Garcia's in charge.

2. Garcia's in charge.

The emotional episode had a little help from Shemar Moore's friends. "Beautiful Disaster" was co-written by series' star Kirsten Vangsness and Criminal Minds Executive Producer Erica Messer. The writing team previously worked together on the Season 10 episode "Nelson's Sparrow."
Keeping an eye out.

3. Keeping an eye out.

Chazz Montolo's eye injury was not written into the character's description, rather it was a decision made by Criminal Minds star Matthew Gray Gubler, who directed the episode. It certainly added another layer of creepiness!
What's in a name change?

4. What's in a name change?

Why did Morgan call Hotch by his first name? "Morgan was stressed and it slipped," explained the episode's co-writer Kirsten Vangsness. As expected, Hotch certainly noticed the peculiar behavior. 
Baby boy had a baby girl?

5. Baby boy had a baby girl?

Hank Spencer Morgan is actually a baby girl. "She was adorable and stole the show," said series star Kirsten Vangsness of the baby who played Derek Morgan's first-born.
It was not tea time.

6. It was not tea time.

Garcia opted to drink hot chocolate at the hospital because the machine did not have a tea option. (Fun fact: Garcia does not do coffee.)
Talk about a shortlist.

7. Talk about a shortlist.

No other names were considered for Morgan's son beyond "Hank Spencer Morgan." Hey, when you know what you want—you know what you want!
So, what's in the box?

8. So, what's in the box?

What was in the box Garcia packed for Morgan? "Photos mostly," Kirsten Vangsness explained. "Especially one of Garcia, his 'baby girl.'"
Hank Spencer Morgan carries some weight.

9. Hank Spencer Morgan carries some weight.

One number that carried special meaning was the newborn's recorded weight at birth. Hank Spencer was scripted at 6 lbs. 1 ounce in homage to Executive Producer Erica Messer's husband, who boasted that exact weight when he was born.