6 Things You Didn't Know About Criminal Minds, 'Inner Beauty'

'Inner Beauty'

1. 'Inner Beauty'

In "Inner Beauty," the BAU searched for an UnSub who was purposely disfiguring victims. Also, Rossi had an awkward reunion with his ex-wife, Hayden Montgomery, who kept his daughter, Joy, a secret from him for nearly 30 years. Read on for tidbits from the episode's writers!
Lessons to learn

2. Lessons to learn

Use of neurofibromatosis in the episode was inspired by a close friend of Criminal Minds Writer Haben Merker.

"I hope the audience learns that neurofibromatosis is a non-contagious, genetic, physical condition," explained Merker. "People who have this condition may look different, but everything else about them is completely normal."
Prosthetics pro

3. Prosthetics pro

Using a template created by Merker, makeup department head Dwayne Johnson created the prosthetics for this week's episode, which looked very realistic.
Brotherly love

4. Brotherly love

Who was that visiting Danielle Steinhardt at the end of the episode? The recovering victim was joined by her brother Ian in the hospital room.
The name game

5. The name game

Haben Merker shared, "Many of the names used in the episode, like Belynda Cameron, Danielle Steinhardt, Sarah Sherwood, and Detective Jon Roberts, were inspired by Haben Merker's actual family members."
Between the lines

6. Between the lines

The poetry featured in the episode was written by Writer's Assistant Heather Aldridge. One poem, entitled "Luna Noel," contains the opening line "prickly pears of soft moonlight fuse with the porous places in my skin, heavenly shadow, beautify this tainted being."