Season 12: Episode 18 - Malice In Wonderland
Posted on Mar 22, 2012 12:00am

The CSI team is brought in to investigate when an Alice In Wonderland themed wedding turns into a robbery-homicide. The robbers were practiced and efficient, taking jewelry and anything else of value from the wedding guests, killing the groom, and leaving very little evidence for the team to work with. When the robbers strike again at another wedding chapel, Russell digs through all the evidence carefully and figures out the robbers' MO: they commit the wedding thefts in groups of three, over a three day span. Seared flesh and melted blue latex from another crime scene prove to be the crucial pieces of evidence, as they indicate that the robbers have managed to avoid capture by posing as EMTs and using an ambulance as their getaway car. Just as the team figures out exactly who to go after, Hodges and his mother Olivia unknowingly visit a jewelry store run by the robbers and are taken hostage. Morgan enlists her father's help and gets the police to switch radio frequencies so that the robbers can't track them in the ambulance, allowing the cops to surprise the robbers and save Hodges and his mother. During the ongoing investigation into the robberies, Hodges' mother Olivia visits him at work, much to his chagrin. Morgan begrudgingly agrees to pretend to be his girlfriend and go to lunch with his mother, in exchange for him moving her to the 'front of the trace line' for the rest of the year.