CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
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Season 12: Episode 22 - Homecoming
Posted on May 10, 2012 12:00am

The CSIs are called away from a campaign dinner for Sheriff Liston to investigate a murder scene just a few blocks away. At the scene, they find three dead bodies: a big drug dealer, his bodyguard, and Vicky Gilmore. Vicky Gilmore is the wife of Jack Gilmore, one of Sheriff Liston's closest friends and former Vegas wise guy turned legitmate businessman. As the CSIs begin to examine the evidence, they discover that all signs point to Jack Gilmore as the murderer. The hockey stick shaft used to beat Vicky to death was taken from the locker room of his hockey club, digital cell phone records place him near the crime scene, and his DNA even shows up on the discarded clothes the killer wore. However, when Russell and Finlay bring him in to lay out the evidence and book him, Finlay notices that he can barely lift a cup of coffee and eventually learns that he has ALS, rendering him physically incapable of inflicting the physical damage they found on Vicky's body. Gilmore was being set up by Jack McKeen, a former cop serving life in prison for murdering CSI Warrick Brown. McKeen used his son, David Winnock, as a puppet to make things happen in the outside world while he was stuck in jail. The CSIs corner Winnock and are forced to shoot him, killing him instantly. In retaliation, McKeen has his goons go after the team: Finlay is tailed by a dirty detective who plans to kill her, Ecklie is shot in a drive-by with Morgan standing by helplessly, and Russell's granddaughter Kaitlyn is kidnapped from her bed. The episode and season end with a shell-shocked Russell standing over his granddaughter's vacant bed, staring at a note that reads "Karma."