Season 13: Episode 4 - It Was A Very Good Year
Posted on Oct 25, 2012 12:00am

The CSIs investigate the murder of Allison Bailey, a famed music historian who was murdered, stuffed inside a piano, and then left in the middle of the desert. Greg had a one-week fling with the victim a few years prior, so her death has a harder impact on him and it shows. The team uses a serial number on the piano to trace it's origin and discovers that it belonged to Tommy Grazetti, a known killer who owns a club for Rat Pack impersonators in Vegas. Initially, the evidence points to Grazetti, but Greg learns that Grazetti actually died accidentally in the 1960s and had his identity taken by a draft dodger. When the CSIs determine that plastic shards found at the crime scene came from a very rare recording of a Frank Sinatra song, they are able to track the record and locate the killer -- a Sinatra impersonator by the name of Jeff Leavitt. Jeff wanted to impress Allison by giving her the record, but was upset to learn that the record was intended for another guy (later revealed to be Greg). In his anger, he stabbed Allison to death and put her in the piano.