CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
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Season 13: Episode 8 - CSI on Fire
Posted on Nov 22, 2012 12:00am

The CSIs arrive on the scene of what appears to be a meteor site and is surrounded by every law enforcement agency in the country. The team learns that the local air force base had a malfunctioning rocket of some sort, and when it crash landed it unearthed a mass grave in the middle of the desert. They get to work and unearth five bodies, including one bearing a necklace that Finlay recognizes instantly. The necklace belonged to Janet Warren, a woman who was raped and murdered in Seattle when Finlay was still a CSI there, and whose unsolved case ended up costing Finlay her job. Finlay pinned the murder on Tom Cooley, a successful real estate mogul, but she never found the necessary evidence to close the case. Her badgering of Cooley put her in a legal bind and disgraced her name, so she resigned in frustration and disgust. Finlay goes to Seattle, against Russell's wishes, to confront Cooley, but her ex-husband, Captain Mike Robinson, informs her that Cooley's ranch was sold and developed on -- any chance they had of finding proof bodies were ever buried there is long gone. However, the CSIs back in Vegas manage to piece together tidbits of evidence that strongly implicate Cooley in the murders of the eight women in the mass grave. A twist comes when Cooley shows up dead in Vegas from an apparent suicide. Again, Finlay and the team are forced to put the puzzle pieces together, eventually discovering that Cooley's lawyer, Larry Pearson, killed him to try and save himself. Pearson knew that Cooley had killed and buried women in Seattle, then assisted with moving the bodies to a mass grave in the middle of nowhere Nevada. In the end, the CSIs get their killers and Finlay finally gets the closure she needs for the case that nearly ended her career.