Season 13: Episode 10 - Risky Business Class
Posted on Dec 13, 2012 12:00am

The CSIs are called in to investigate the deaths of five people who were killed in a small charter plane crash just a mile off of the Vegas strip. Initially, signs point to one of the victims as a terrorist with a vendetta against a local casino that bankrupted him, given that the plane barely missed flying into the casino tower as it hurtled towards the ground. As the team slowly collects and examines all of the evidence from the crash, however, they discover that the plane was sabotaged from the outside. Using a mix of DNA evidence from the crash, genealogy techniques, and, the team slowly learns that one of the victims was in Vegas looking for her long-lost sister. Following the DNA trail, they learn that the victim uncovered a multi-million dollar scam by a local nursing home, and that one of the men involved with the scam tried to eliminate the problem by tampering with the plane. Sara is feeling the strain of her long distance relationship with Grissom, which only gets more complicated when a former lover, NTSB Investigator Doug Wilson, gets involved with the crash investigation.