CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
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Season 13: Episode 13 - In Vino Veritas
Posted on Feb 7, 2013 12:00am

In the first part of a crossover with CSI:NY, Mac Taylor comes to Vegas to surprise his girlfriend, Christine, and to spend some time with his old friend, Russell. To their surprise, they find Christine's hotel room destroyed, with traces of blood and other evidence pointing to foul play, but no sign of her. Together, and with some help from the CSIs, Russell and Mac follow the evidence and try to locate Christine, only to hit dead end after dead end. Eventually, they discover that James Boyd, a manager at Christine's restaurant in New York, set up a fake business trip to Vegas in order to retrieve diamonds to pay off a gambling debt. Boyd left Christine in NY with his brother, but the man who wants the diamonds has kidnapped both of them and plans on killing them. Left with no other choice, Russell agrees to accompany Mac to New York to help him find Christine…

Meanwhile, the other CSIs investigate the murder of Jack Davari, a local wine collector who was murdered and stuffed into a wine barrel. Initially, it appears that Davari was killed by the heir to a famous French vineyard over a business deal gone bad, but evidence eventually leads the CSIs to a wine counterfeiting operation. Davari was involved in making fake bottles of extremely rare and expensive wine with his sister and best friend. When he decided to scam his sister's new boyfriend, she decided she wanted no part of the operation anymore and killed him.