Season 13: Episode 14 - Exile
Posted on Feb 14, 2013 12:35pm

The CSIs investigate the murder of Marta Cuerto, who was poisoned and then beaten to death at a popular club in Las Vegas. Marta was the sister of Silvana Cuerto, a famous Cuban singer who was in the US for a tour. Due to the tense political ties between the US and Cuba, groups of protesters stalk Silvana and her government appointed handler, Antonio Ficha, day and night, so the CSIs initially think the murder could be politically motivated. However, evidence found at the crime scene seems to implicate either Ficha or the owner of the club where Silvana was performing, Estefan Diaz. When Estefan admits to having an affair with Silvana, the CSIs turn their attention to Ficha, who seems to have both the political motivation and the passion to commit the crimes. The tension increases when Silvana is poisoned in the same manner as Marta, but luckily the CSIs catch it early and act quickly to save her. Later, after a heated confrontation at a hotel suite that results in Ficha shooting Estefan in self-defense, the CSIs find one final piece of evidence that makes all the puzzle pieces fall into place. Silvana killed her own sister and then took the extra step to poison herself to throw the police off her trail. Marta was in love with Estefan, but Silvana wanted him and felt betrayed by her sister, so she killed Marta in cold blood.

Meanwhile, David Hodges grapples with immigration problems surrounding his imminent wedding to Elisabetta. Morgan provides a character statement for him to send to the immigration investigators, and her father, Ecklie, warns Hodges not to take it lightly. If he asked Morgan to go out on a limb for him, he better go through with this wedding. In the end, it's clear that Hodges isn't completely sold on marrying his Italian bombshell girlfriend.