Season 14: Episode 3 - Torch Song
Posted on Oct 10, 2013 12:00am

A fire at a music venue leaves four dead, including two of the band members. When the autopsy reveals that one of the victims was strangled to death before the fire started, the CSIs start to look into the backgrounds of the band members and the concert attendees, hoping to find a motive for the murder. White power and neo-Nazi symbols are found on the body of the one of the deceased band members, and which helps Sara identify the band as a hatecore group called White Cross. The victim who died prior to the fire, Timo Flores, was Hispanic, so the team suspects the fire was started to cover up the murder.After thoroughly investigating the scene, the CSIs discover that one of the fire exits at the club was blocked by a car owned by Jeremy Hatch. Hatch denies involvement in both the murder and the fire, then leads the investigators to Caleb Voigt, a known white supremacist who confesses to killing Timo Flores after an altercation at the concert. Voigt pins Ian Ballard as the man who started the fire at the club, and his arrest record for arson and signature style seem to fit the this particular blaze. Later, the CSIs learn that Ballard was hired to start the blaze by the club owner, Stu Kirchoff, who planned to use the insurance money from the fire to pay off his debts.