CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
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Season 14: Episode 6 - Passed Pawns
Posted on Oct 31, 2013 12:00am

A homeless man’s inconceivable winning streak at an Off-Strip casino runs out of luck when he’s found stabbed to death in a downtown alley, and the CSIs are called in to investigate his murder. After scouring the crime scene for clues, the team learns that the homeless man, Jeremy Sikes, visited a pawn shop shortly before his streak at the casino. At the pawn shop, they discover Sikes' casino winnings hidden in a speaker that was recently pawned by Alonzo Pierce, a security guard at the casino, leading them to believe that Pierce killed Sikes and stole his money. The case takes a surprising turn when Pierce is killed by Bobby Esposito, a pit boss at the casino who was angry that an employee would steal money and betrayed the old Vegas code of honor.Dr. Robbins discovers that Sikes' murder was actually a shooting staged to look like a stabbing, and recalls the same wound pattern from an earlier open case involving drug cartel boss Sergio Delgado. At first they believe Delgado killed Sikes, who is found to be part of a robbery team operating out of the pawn shop, in retaliation for robbing Delgado's home earlier that year. When it comes to light that Sikes was actually a hired hit man working under the pawn shop's owner and staging hits to look like they were part of a robbery, they put the pieces together to determine that the owner killed Sikes and framed Delgado.