CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
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Season 14: Episode 9 - Check In and Check Out
Posted on Nov 21, 2013 12:15am

When a couple is found brutally stabbed to death at the Sky View Motel, the CSIs recall two separate cases in which couples were savagely attacked in the same room. At first they investigate a male prostitute who claims his previous assault charge that took place in the room was in self-defense as his client had attacked him out of the blue. After he is ruled out as a suspect, they identify residue found in the shower of the motel room as body cream for the treatment of scabies and connect it to a local shelter which handed out the same cream. They are directed to Rudy, a mentally unstable regular who was seen with blood-stained clothes, and Rudy explains that the couple had offered to let him use their motel room to get cleaned up after he was jumped that night. Rudy admits to snapping and killing the couple, though while he is in custody another murder takes place in the room shortly thereafter.The CSIs are perplexed as the accused woman had a crazed demeanor at the scene, but seemed perfectly calm during questioning. They put the pieces together to suspect the room is causing erratic behavior and canvass the room again, only to have Hodges suddenly attack Henry. The CSIs discover an impure form of LSD in a sample of Hodges’ saliva which originated from the automatic air freshener in the room. It comes to light that the motel manager had been spying on all the rooms and began the LSD dosing as a twisted form of entertainment.