Season 14: Episode 10 - Girls Gone Wild
Posted on Nov 28, 2013 12:00am

When Finlay goes missing, Sara recounts the events leading up to her disappearance to the team. Sara, Finlay, and Morgan were on their way to Reno for a girls' spa weekend, but they were forced to stop in the small town of Larkston after Finlay's car broke down. Finlay left the bar they were at with a man named Darryl and was forced to stab him in self-defense when he tried to rape her. She returned to the scene with Morgan and Sara, but Darryl's body was gone and closer inspection showed he was still alive. After finding a dead body in the trunk of a car on Darryl's property, the CSIs identified the victim as a young woman who went missing months ago and determined she was raped.From the DNA samples, Sara discovered the local deputy was Darryl's accomplice and shot him down when he pulled his gun. Meanwhile, Finlay was following up on a lead directing her to the campground where Darryl had been hiding other women he had abducted before she went off the radar. The CSIs head to the campground where they find Darryl's dead body and piece together clues to ascertain that he attacked Finlay again before she was able to take him down. Russell finds Finlay unconscious in an embankment and they rush her to the hospital. As she is recovering, they connect the imprints on her bruises to the vehicle of the town doctor who is found to be part of Darryl's group of rapists.