Season 14: Episode 12 - Keep Calm and Carry-On
Posted on Jan 16, 2014 12:25am

The CSIs are called to the airport to find a murdered woman, Janet Riggins, beaten and thrown from a vehicle onto the tarmac. Several of the passengers on her flight had valuables stolen from them on the plane and one of them had confronted Janet about stealing his watch. The passenger had taken Janet’s phone in retaliation and the CSIs look into the burner phone’s history to learn that she called a high school friend for help. When they question her friend, he reveals that her real name was Helen Morrison. The CSIs tie the theft to an elderly man who admits to stealing the valuables, including 30k from Helen’s carry-on. Helen’s autopsy report shows a history of physical abuse and the CSIs ascertain that her new identity, phone, and money were all part of a plan to escape from her abusive husband. Helen’s husband explains she was leaving him for her boyfriend, the high school friend they questioned earlier. Helen’s boyfriend then directs them to a man known as "The Wolf” who he hired to help her escape. In trying to track down the mysterious "Wolf”, they put the pieces together to discover her boyfriend was posing as "The Wolf” and claimed the 30k was his service fee. When he picked Helen up at the airport and found out the money was stolen, their violent arguing led to him inadvertently pushing her out of his car. The CSIs apprehend him and also manage to arrest her abusive husband on a technicality.