CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
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Season 14: Episode 17 - Long Road Home
Posted on Mar 13, 2014 12:05am

When a rock band groupie is found dead in a limo, the CSIs investigate the mystery band involved in the murder and the disappearance of a prostitute the victim was with. A melted guitar pick and autograph left on the victim's breast leads them to Gene Simmons, but he maintains his innocence and explains the events took place at an event in which regular guys pay for the experience to act like rock stars alongside famous rockers. The victim was paid to act as a groupie for an amateur band that signed up.After canvassing the area, a missing member of the band, Lex, becomes the prime suspect, but their theory is debunked when they find his body in a travel case along with a love song written to the missing prostitute. With the help of Gene Simmons, they locate the prostitute and use a sample of her DNA to ascertain she is Lex's estranged daughter. She admits Lex tracked her down to play her his song and claims her father was still alive in the recording studio when she left him. The CSIs uncover particles of a specific gum on one of the mics which places another band member, Arnold, at the scene of the crime. Interrogating Arnold yields his confession of murdering Lex for continually relegating him to backup vocals. Arnold also admits to killing the hired groupie for being a witness to the crime.