Season 9: Episode 13 - Deep Fried & Minty Fresh
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

Langston and Nick are called to investigate what appears to be a robbery gone bad in a local Fast food restaurant after the manager is found dead and two other employees are missing. The evidence, being covered in cooking oil, is a task for forensics to decipher but after finding the missing male employee in an oil drum and the other female employee alive and well, the pieces fall into place. The manager turns out to be less than a gentleman when he tries to take advantage of the female employee he knows is an illegal alien. When the male employee walks in on this and tries to protect her, the manager kills him and the illegal employee runs out of fear of being blamed. In a twist of karma, the manager is accidentally killed after he slips and falls after dragging his victim outside. Catherine and Brass are called to an equally strange death that they initially believe the husband bound and murdered his wife and then find that he was setup and the wife had a bizarre means of committing suicide; death by toothpaste.