Season 10: Episode 15 - Neverland
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

When a boy is found murdered, the CSI team soon find the victim is tied to an old case where a man was convicted of killing his wife. There was blood evidence found under the fingernails of the boy at the crime scene. This evidence leads the CSIs to a high powered lawyer who is working to free the man that was convicted of killing his wife. The team finds that the young victim had two best friends who were trying to earn some money by breaking into the evidence locker at CSI in order to tamper with evidence on the old case. The boy who was trying to help his two friends, but ends up falling from a shelf high in the evidence storage unit. An old CSI who now works the storage unit covers up the death and plants the boy's body in a parking lot so that he will not be blamed for letting this boy slip into the storage unit -- even though it was an accidental fall.