CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
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Season 10: Episode 20 - Take My Life, Please
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

In an old style Vegas episode, we meet a modern day version of the Sunshine Boys. Tim Conway guest stars as a legendary old comic from the hay-day of Vegas, who is reuniting with his partner to play a big Vegas casino. When his partner seems to be forgetting the material, and is very much off his game, the old comedy duo faces some challenges. The legendary comic has married an ex-showgirl who has quite a colorful past. When his partner ends up dead, she is a suspect, along with many others. At first it looks like a death by natural causes, but our CSIs find out that he actually was drowned by ice. Someone drugged him, and then shoved loads of ice down his throat, creating the perfect murder. Without the diligent work of Doc Robbins and David in the morgue, this murder would have been passed off as an accident. In the end, the legendary comedian killed his old partner to save him the even worse death of "dying on stage".