CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
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Season 11: Episode 6 - Cold Blooded
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

The cold case of two young girls, Whitney Kohler and Pam Beck, who went missing five years ago is reopened by our CSIs when Whitney's father is found murdered and Pam's mother is suspected of the murder. Pam's mother, Carly has disappeared but the team finds a picture of what looks like Whitney's remains in Carly's home. A trail of items that Carly pawned, including an expensive watch owned by Phil, leads them to Carly; who is making a money drop. Carly claims she had nothing to do with Phil's murder and had recently recieved a letter from Henry Holt, the man sent to prison for the girls' murders. The letter said Holt was willing to tell her where the girls' were buried if she paid him a large sum of money. Nick and the CSIs examine the documents and determine that they were printed in the prison but sent to Carly from an outside mailbox. When visiting the prison they are surprised to learn Holt tried to commit suicide a week ago and has been in a coma ever since. A disgruntled prison guard came upon Holt as he was hanging himself and decided to make a quick buck by extorting the families out of money if they wanted info about their daughter's bodies; which was left in Holt's suicide note. The prison guard killed Phil when he thought he would use his money and power to investigate where the letters can from and expose the guard's extortion plot.

Langston investigates the death of a young WLVU Paleontology student who was seemingly killed by a T-Rex. The student, Brian Barry, and his girlfriend, Jane Lewis went to see the "Walking with Dinosaurs" show and video surveillance shows that Jane and another student, Travis Kilborn, were making out during the show while Brian went to get a snack. It turns out, the trio got drunk and broke into the arena after-hours to see the dinosaurs up close. Brian climbed up a Brachiosaurus, slipped and fell onto the teeth of the T-Rex. Jane and Travis panicked and dropped him in the desert but Langston discovers that Jane may have helped in creating this accident and is not as sweet and innocent as she appears.