Season 11: Episode 7 - Bump and Grind
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

The shredded remains of a man are found in the back of a dump truck and our CSIs must piece together the evidence in order to find out the identity of the victim and his killer. Checking the truck's manifest, the team traces the dump trucks pick-up to a local shredding company. Shreds of credit cards found with the body are pieced together and establish they belong to Larry LaMotte, the owner of an identity protection firm. Larry and his head of security, Julius Kaplan claim they know nothing about the crime but Langston knows something isn't right. They find Julius is not who he claims and is actually a former mob hit man. Evidence in his home links Julius to our victim; the team also finds Julius shot to death. The gun found near Julius is also linked to another shooting in Reno six years ago. Forensics matches the bullet fragments from that shooting to fragments found on our shredded victim, meaning the gun that killed Julius attempted to kill our victim six years earlier. Our CSIs finally discover the shredded victim's true identity; his name is Larry LaMotte. The identity protection pitchman, Larry LaMotte, is a fraud whose real name is Arlo Karden. Arlo uses the identity protection firm to steal his client’s identities. Our shredded victim is the real Larry LaMotte and Arlo's former partner in crime before he sent Julius to try to kill Larry six years ago. The real Larry tried to blackmail his former partner and in the ultimate twist Julius and Arlo's assistant conspired to kill the real Larry and steal the pay-off money Arlo was giving him for his silence. The assistant got greedy and killed Julius as well so she could keep all the money for herself.