CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
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Season 11: Episode 9 - Wild Life
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

A man plummets to his death from a Las Vegas hotel and the two women he was in the room with that night, Stacey and Dana, claim they have no memory of what happened. Both women are found to have had engaged in sexual activity that night, Dana with the victim and Stacey with a mystery man. Dana initially claims she was raped but once our CSIs layout the evidence showing she was relatively sober the night of the murder, she confesses that she and the victim met each other in the hall after he helped her get away from the mystery man who had slept with her friend and then tried to rape her. They were instantly attracted to one another and while engaging in a Kama Sutra sex position on the balcony, the man accidentally fell off. Meanwhile, Sara and Greg investigate the deaths of a couple where the evidence doesn't seem to point to anyone else being present in their house at the time of their deaths. The team soon discovers that all the evidence actually points to a couple of unlikely suspects - the couple’s pets. The husband was giving their parrot a bath and their cat spooked him and the parrot, causing the man to slip and hit his head in the tub. The wife heard the commotion while cooking and when she went to investigate the spooked bird leaped out at her, causing her to fall backwards into the coffee table and accidentally stabbed herself in the chest.