CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
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Season 11: Episode 11 - Man Up
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

A dead woman's photo is posted on a website and our CSIs work to trace the woman's last night in hopes of finding her killer. The woman is a former prostitute who her boyfriend says left that life to be a legitimate model. Nick and the team find that her last night was spent in the back of Carrot Top's limo and he claims he was kidnapped by the three men with the young woman. Forensics leads our CSIs to three men who were reliving a moment in their college days when they created an adult scavenger hunt where the final task was to "kill a hooker". The men claim they never killed the woman and just paid her to take that picture so two of the men could win the game and get the third man to pay for the Vegas trip. The team soon discovers that the third man was so desperate to one-up the others, when he found out it was all a joke, he killed the hooker and tried to pin the murder on the other two in order to prove he was the real winner. Meanwhile, Hodges finds the motorcycle he bought at a swap meet has its own bloody mystery when a severed thumb and blood are found in the exhaust. Langston helps Hodges investigate and they discover the bike has replacement parts that came from a local salvage yard. One of the owners of the salvage yard sold off the pieces of what was left of a motorcycle that was recently caught in the middle of a horrendous two bus accident. Hodges finds the motorcycle victim's former girlfriend, who looks remarkably like Wendy. She claims her ex-boyfriend bought a motorcycle after she left him and he wanted to go out on the road in order to forget about her but died in the accident just a half mile into his journey. This story resonates with Hodges and he decides to let his dream of riding the open road go and possibly move on from Wendy.