Season 11: Episode 15 - Target of Obsession
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

Justin Bieber returns as Jason McCann. The episode opens with Nick on his way home and as he is about to enter his house he gets a call on his cell, it's Jason McCann. Jason tells him that he should let "them" kill him but warns him not to go home. Nick suddenly sees a grenade trip-wired to his door just inches from his head. He manages to get away but knows someone is trying to kill him and Jason knows who; so Nick brings Jason in for questioning. It almost seems like Jason is about to tell Nick who is after him when the groups leader, and Jason's guardian, Paul Huxabee arrives to release him. The team notices both McCann and Huxbaee are left-handed just like the bomber who set the grenade for Nick. Nick, Catherine, Vartann and Kip follow the trail to a warehouse rented by Huxbee and find him dead inside but they also find a massive bomb and several booby traps. They know that the trap was set by McCann to kill all that he deemed responsible for killing his brother. With only minutes to escape before the bomb detonates, the team rushes to figure out how to disable the bomb but fail and the blast is enormous; killing one of the team. Jason isn't done and sets a trap for Nick, ending with only one of them surviving.

Langston is set to testify against Nate Haskell for the prison stabbing (Ep. #1023). Haskell makes a circus out of the court proceedings, acting as his own council, and having to cross-exam Langston. Haskell is ultimately convicted but Langton soon discovers Haskell had one more trick up his sleeve when he switched prison ID bands with a low-security prisoner and manages to escape from prison with the help of a couple of serial killer groupies known as the "Haskell Brides".