Season 11: Episode 17 - The List
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

An ex-cop, Vance Tolsom, who was convicted of killing his wife, Anne-Marie, has been murdered in prison. Our CSIs discover the wife, who was also a cop, was having an affair with most of the LVPD, including Brass and Vartann, before her death. Our CSIs discover Vance was about to be granted a new trial before his death and find the killers were hired by someone from the outside to kill him before the trial could expose he was framed. Our team is shocked to find Anne-Marie's sister was helping Vance to prove his innocence. When they interview her, she claims she knows for sure Vance was framed by another cop in the department who was having an affair with her sister, which casts suspicion on members of our team who had been intimate with her; but before they could find out more information she is found shot to death. All the evidence leads to a veteran cop on the force who was the lead detective on Anne-Marie's case but appears to have murdered her and her sister as well as frame Vance. The team thinks they have their man until they realize Anne-Marie is alive and has murdered her sister and put out the hit on her ex-husband in prison while working to frame her boyfriend for the crimes.