Season 8: Episode 11 - Bull
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

When a successful cowboy, Cody Latshaw, turns up dead only hours after getting thrown from a bull, the CSIs move in to investigate. Though the bull definitely did a number on him, a later injury to his neck killed him. Soon, another murder is tied to Cody's: his prostitute ex-girlfriend Tiffany, who died in a hit and run accident. Cody's truck has damage to its front end, leading the CSIs to believe he was responsible for her death. To make things even more complicated, the dead girlfriend's pimp Ricky is found dead the following day of a shotgun wound at a local bar.

Troy, another cowboy Tiffany had just met and was about to run off with and marry, confesses to killing Ricky, mistakenly believing the pimp had prevented Tiffany from showing up at their wedding. And though it appeared that Cody was the one who ran Tiffany down as she was on her way to the chapel, two other men who worked for the rodeo were really behind the wheel. The night of the two murders, they were trying to rob bull owners of some valuable semen, and a drunken Cody interrupted them. One punch on top of Cody's earlier injury was all it took to kill him, and the two men tried to make it look like an accident. Later, as they rushed their bull "product" to their buyer, they hit Tiffany as she crossed the street, killing her.