Season 8: Episode 10 - Lying Down With Dogs
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

Warrick is interrogated by internal affairs regarding his relationship with Candy. He's cleared of responsibility, but he knows Gedda is the one who had her killed. A homeless man's print shows up inside Warrick's car, and he goes down for the murder. When Warrick tries to intervene, Grissom suspends him for two weeks. A man inside the CSI lab makes a call to Gedda, who is pleased with the results.

Meanwhile, Doc Robbins gives evidence when a philanthropist, Liz Rodriguez, turns up dead amongst dozens of dead dogs in the desert. She had been at a party the night before where Robbins was playing in a band. The trail leads to a gang member's dog, and a kennel that the Rodriguez family bankrolled. Apparently Liz was the #1 dogfighter in Vegas. Gino Aquino, the gang member, wanted to knock her off the top of her game. When SWAT raids a dog fight, Aquino is taken into custody, as is his dog, whose saliva was found on Liz's body. But a sympathetic young man who worked at the kennel, an inside informant who was trying to bring down the dog ring, was the one who did the crime. He killed Liz, and fed her to the fighting dogs before disposing of the body. He thought she deserved it.