Season 11: Episode 20 - Father of the Bride
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

In this episode we find out that Nate Haskell is holding his bride Vivian hostage and demanding ransom from her parents. We later find out when her father kills himself that he was having an incestuous relationship with Vivian which damaged her enough to trust Haskell and his other bride, Tina. Tina kills Vivian and dumps her body at the old farm house where we learn Nate has been hiding other bodies. Our team discovers Haskell has seen a plastic surgeon who they suspect has altered his appearance but find his bride Tina murdered them too. In the mean time, Langston is doing everything he can to keep up with Nate's game. In the final moments of the show we learn that the team has figured out that Haskell is in Los Angeles. What they do not yet know is that Haskell  is planning to kidnap and torture Langston's ex-wife Gloria.