CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
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Season 11: Episode 12 - A Kiss Before Frying
Posted on Aug 15, 2011 09:00am

A man is found dumped and burned over 90% of his head but remarkably alive. Langston theorizes that based on the ligature marks on the man's wrists and ankles and the centralized burn in the crown of his head, this man was electrocuted. The team soon finds two more men, these men were killed, with the same wounds and marks as the first. Based on tire tracks at all the crime scenes, our team believes the killer has a mobile electric chair attached to a truck. Langston and the team work to identify the truck and find its owner. Meanwhile, Greg meets a strikingly beautiful young woman who was on a tour of the crime lab. He begins to date her and is definitely falling for her when she begins to act suspiciously and Greg follows her to try an find out what she is hiding. He finds she headlines at a burlesque strip club and has a large and overly protective manager who is also a diagnosed schizophrenic. She tells Greg that she only does it because she needs extra money since teachers are paid so little. Greg wants to believe her but Nick tries to tell him she is bad news. Greg has an epiphany in the electrocution case when he links the names of the victims to an old case of a beautiful Jazz singer murdered and her lover framed for the murder by old Las Vegas mob boss, Bugsy Segal. The victims were the grandchildren of several people key to convicting the lover and sending him to the electric chair in the 1940's. Greg makes another big discovery when he finds that his new girlfriend is the granddaughter of the murdered Jazz singer. Catherine and Langston track down the schizophrenic manager and when they are about to take him in he straps himself into the electric chair he created and pulls the switch. Greg agrees to meet his girlfriend when she calls and claims someone is trying to kill her. A mystery car tries to run Greg over on his way to seeing her and the team finally catches her in the bus station trying to leave the city still playing the innocent victim.