Season 12: Episode 1 - 73 Seconds
Posted on Sep 22, 2011 12:00am

­In our season opener we meet the new CSI supervisor, D.B. Russell, played by Ted Danson. He is a veteran CSI who still manages to keep a sense of wonder in the science of the job. He is a family man with a wife and kids yet his dedication to the job and his new team is unwavering. We begin the season several months after Langston/Haskell fallout and our team is still reeling from the effects of it. Nick is still upset that Langston was let go as a CSI by Internal Affairs. Brass is also bitter, however he seems to accept the new boss right away. Catherine and Nick are ironing out the differences they had over the way the Langston/Haskell case was handled. In the mean time, Morgan Brody, the young CSI from Los Angeles and Ecklie's estranged daughter, shows up for a job with CSI Las Vegas.

The show opens with a multiple homicide and injured parties incident on a Las Vegas tram. There appears to have been a shooting and stabbing, with multiple fatalities and injuries. The only one left unharmed is a young boy, whose mother is critically wounded. The boy won’t talk -- he is too traumatized. Nick does his very best to create a connection with the boy but it just isn’t working; Russell finds a way to breakthrough to him and get the information they need. This colors Nick's view of the new guy. As the facts of the case unfold, we find that a very sick man was stabbed in a bathroom on the platform. He was meeting his little brother on the tram for a great Vegas weekend before he died. His brother, a general lowlife always in need of cash, tries to get the knife out of his brother. In the mean time, the security guard sees that the brother has a gun and a shootout ensues from several passengers and the guard. The sick brother is killed and the younger brother runs away. It turns out, the younger brother had an old prison buddy who stabbed the older brother. Nick and Russell work together to piece together the case.

The B story has to do with a man who is found dead by way of an old deer skinning process. His dead body looks like a 90 year old man’s but they know he is a young man. Sara and Nick work to solve this odd case.