CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
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Season 12: Episode 3 - Bittersweet
Posted on Oct 6, 2011 12:00am

­Nick is on a date at a garbage art exhibition for a local artist when he realizes one of the pieces of art, a cement block with a facial impression, has pieces of a decomposing body in it. Our team discovers the artist fished the cement block out of a ravine. Our team finds the other cement blocks in the ravine with a young girls dismembered body parts encased in cement. The victim had a flower earning which is the same M.O as a husband and wife killing team that Sara helped put away years ago. Our CSIs discover the wife, Gina, who claimed to be a victim of her husband herself, was let out of prison just 2 months ago and lives in Las Vegas. Sara and D.B pay her a visit and Gina seems to be up to her old ways, scoping out young girls at the pool where she lives. Sara is enraged by this and calls her out in front of all of her neighbors warning them about her which makes D.B realize Sara is too close to the case and grounds her. The team reaches out to warn the couple’s only surviving victim, Colleen, who suffered severe sexual abuse for years before she escaped and sent them to prison. Shortly after they speak with her, Colleen goes missing and the team works furiously to find her. Evidence at the ravine and from the cement blocks eventually leads the team to a believe Gina, who they think was the real mastermind, has taken up with a new guy and started her killings again in a warehouse by the marina. They rush there to rescue Colleen and discover a young victim in the warehouse with her abuser but it is not Gina and our team is stunned when they see who it is.