CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
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Season 12: Episode 9 - Zippered
Posted on Dec 8, 2011 12:00am

­Military assault weapons on the streets of Vegas. The team investigates the murder of a man they think is an innocent rancher but find out he’s a ballistics expert. The FBI is called in and works the case with our CSIs. Two agents, McQuaid, a senior agent who has a spark with Catherine. The second is a younger agent, Pratt, Russell takes under his wing. We are introduced to a Blackwater type CEO, John Gabriel, who is actually married to an old friend of Catherine’s. Catherine sees the seemingly ideal life that her friend has and feels that may be what she is missing in her own life. The team soon uncovers that Gabriel is dirty and suspect him of the murder. The perfect life Catherine assumed her friend had doesn’t really exist and Catherine realizes her friend is afraid of her husband and may have information that she is too afraid to reveal against him. We end the episode with Catherine having a fling with Agent McQuaid and giving her friend the number to a lawyer Sam used to use when he had to get out of bad situations. Our team works to find out more about Harris and his dirty dealings.