CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
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Season 6: Episode 3 - Inside Out
Posted on Jun 12, 2012 02:15pm

When a bus transporting high-profile criminal Julio Rentoria and his two accomplices is involved in an accident, the inmates escape. Among the escapees is Kyle Harmon, Horatio's son. Kyle turns himself in to Horatio, who oversees his safe return to prison. In the midst of all the chaos, Tripp fires his weapon into the crowd, and it accidentally hits and kills a bystander. Calleigh finds that the bullet wasn't fired from Tripp's gun, but from one registered to a Barry Slater. Slater shot the bystander because she was getting in the way of his helping the prisoners escape so that he could collect the $2 million reward money that Julio was offering to anyone who could set him free.

The CSIs track down the owner of the escape SUV, which happened to be painted with a type of iridescent chameleon paint which refracts to different colors, resulting in conflicting eyewitness accounts of the getaway vehicle. The driver was also vying for the $2 million reward, which he eventually received, but in the form of bags of heroin. Delko and Valera trace the heroin bags back to Joe LeBrock, a prisoner with close ties to Rentoria. The situation turns personal when Rentoria discovers that Kyle is Horatio's son and has Joe kidnap Kyle in prison. Tripp ultimately tracks down Rentoria in the marina while Horatio takes matters into his own hands, tracking down Kyle and cutting a deal with one of the prisoners in exchange for protecting his son.