Season 12: Episode 11 - Ms. Willows Regrets...
Posted on Jan 19, 2012 12:00am

­We open on a professional hit at the law firm Catherine recommended to her friend, Laura, at the end of episode #1209. Catherine, concerned this hit is connected to her friend, goes to look for her and finds that she has disappeared. Gabriel is back and is again the prime suspect in the law firm hit and his wife’s disappearance. We learn Gabriel's Blackwater Co. also cleans up crime scenes in locations like Iraq and Afghanistan while accompanied by Marines after IED blasts. This is significant because the crime scene at the law firm was cleaned up in the same way which makes the FBI and our CSIs suspect of Gabriel's involvement. Catherine believes Laura is dead until they discover she has been hiding out. Agent McQuaid and the young FBI agent returns and you see how their relationships with Catherine/Russell grow. At the end of the episode, Catherine places Laura in protective custody with Agent McQuaid but they are ambushed by a hit squad and Agent McQuaid and Laura are killed. Catherine is filled with angry and wants to go after Gabriel full force. Vartann arrives to calm her down and take her home. Vartann drops off and moments later she feels bullets flying past her head. Catherine struggles to get to her gun and the front door so she can make it out before the hit squad kills her.