5 CBS Sync Facts From "Bad Blood" - CSI S15 E3

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Behind The Scenes

1. Behind The Scenes

James Lesure, who plays Dr. Emmett, received the Celebrity Honoree and Distinguished Support Award for his charity work with the Sickle Cell Disease Foundation as well as being awarded the MVP of the Basketball Entertainment League, twice.

2. Paranoia

About 3 to 5 percent of the population has a severe form of paranoia.
Airborne Diseases

3. Airborne Diseases

Viruses, bacteria, and fungi can cause airborne disease.

4. CDC

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) was formed in 1948 and it was headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia to combat the malaria endemic plaguing the South at the time.
Behind The Scenes

5. Behind The Scenes

Nick and Greg investigated an outbreak of Shigella, a bacteria that caused dysentery among LVPD patrol officers in Season Ten's "Field Mice."