5 CBS Sync Facts From "The Greater Good" - CSI S15 E13

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Take a Step Back

1. Take a Step Back

CSI's first serial killer was Paul Millander, who appeared in seasons one and two and killed all his victims in the way his own father had died, in a bathtub.
Fir Engraver Beetle

2. Fir Engraver Beetle

The fir engraver beetle commonly attacks white and red fir trees in Nevada.
Las Vegas' McCarren Airport

3. Las Vegas' McCarren Airport

Las Vegas' McCarren Airport is ranked as the 24th busiest airport in the World.
Hodges' First Case

4. Hodges' First Case

Hodges' first case investigated the murder of a chef at a fancy restaurant. The chef was found in a meat grinder.

5. Catgut

Catgut, which is typically made from animal intestines, has been used for many years as the primary material for stringed musical instruments.